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Saha Taching Polytex Co., Ltd

Saha Taching Polytex Co., Ltd
(Spinning Mill + Dye Facilities)
Produce 100 % Polyester yarn for sewing thread,weaving yarn,knitting yarn,polyester yarn and nylon.

Taching Cotton Thai Co., Ltd

Taching Cotton Thai Co., Ltd
(Spinning Mill) Produce 100 % Cotton Yarn

Taching mainly provides 100% polyester sewing thread,nylon and 100% cotton yarn and etc.,

We are one of the leading yarns manufacturers for knitting, weaving, sewing thread and nylon. Our privately held company total employs 850 worker and continuously employ,occupying a massive space total of 120,000 square meters and setted with well-known machinery from switzerland and germany to deliver good quality yarn through these times

Since 1975, Founder Mr. Mana Ua-tarnpisith started his business with offered finest quality yarn as 100% polyester (Sewing Tread ) and Nylon. After 17 years in 1989, he established Saha Taching Polytex Co.,Ltd spinning mill and dye facilities for sewing thread and nylon.

Taching Cotton Thai Co.,Ltd was established in 1999, Mr.Mana Ua-tarnpisith had expanded his yarn bussiness into 100% cotton spinning mill. starting from consuming cotton 250tons per month to 1,200tons per month from year 2008. from initial setted to preson time we using total spindles many then 80,000 and keep increasing

We under brand "Taching" are striving to developing make production to serve more and deliver better and better quality to both local and international customers

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