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About Us

Form the past 40 years, “Taching” has been grow up and taken care by Mr.Mana Ua-tarnpisith. Who realize that textile industry would be a significant key of people’s living and economic in general. Unit now, we have been growing and well renowned in both local and international textile industry.

We are expert in manufacturing sewing thread and knitting+wearing yarn with a various counts suitable for each customer’s need

Our philosophy is “We want to be an excellent yarn+thread manufacturer and sell in appropriate price”. With the dedication of Mr.Mana Ua-tarnpisith, “Saha Taching Polytex” Our current factory was established in 1989, since then “Taching” and “Saha Taching Polytex” have been growing up rapidly, be well known in Thailand and International textile industry.

With our expert experience in yarn and sewing thread, we can assure that we can serve your needs with punctuality, color accuracy, quality control and delivery service. We also emphasize on the after sale service to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

More over, In 2015 Asian Economic Committee will be effected. We see this issue as an opportunity to expand our market into Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar etc., So you can be sure that we never stop developing in every area because “We want to serve you better”

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